Your Pathway to Wellness

Ivy + Light was started by Brooklyn-based wellness coach, Erin Hollon. An ambassador for natural living since her college years, Erin found solutions through nature to help heal her body—emotionally and physically. It has become her life passion to share these methods and help you find the perfect balance for living a life you’ll love.

Designed to meet you where you are, Ivy + Light is a one-stop comprehensive destination for those seeking to go beyond just “natural living” to actually living the life of your dreams. Whether you are new to holistic living or have already implemented some natural methods into your daily routine, you’ll find the solutions to fit your lifestyle and goals. Come as you are, learn at your pace, change yourself, and change your world!

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“ We focus on making deep, important concepts Understandable and Doable. When you learn how to combine Nature, Science, and Soul, you unlock the power of the Universe!” – Erin