THe power of the universe, right at your fingertips!

Welcome to Ivy + Light. This is the place for people on a mission. A destination for those who crave a new and natural way to unlock their full potential.

Here you’ll find all the advisors and tools you need to create a life full of purpose and joy. From discovering the healing power behind crystals and essential oils to techniques to help you manifest abundance and achieve your biggest goals.

The power to live the life you want is already within you. We’re here to help you tap into it.


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Holistic Health. Redefined.

Let me share with you the essential beliefs that brought Ivy + Light to life:

  • We all have an inherent ability to heal naturally and the right to learn methods for healing ourselves and others.

  • There is a necessary, inextricable connection between Science and Soul. Understanding this connection empowers us to work with nature for healing and personal growth.

  • All humans have a right to accessible and affordable health and wellness. Our goal is to bring an understanding of all healing methods to all people.

  • There is great power in Unity and Community to help create a healthier and more loving society. As we grow together, we cannot help but impact the world around us!


What's New:

 October is  Life Balance Month !

October is Life Balance Month!

 Meet our Newest Healing Mentor,  Sabrina Amina !

Meet our Newest Healing Mentor, Sabrina Amina!

 Our New Series for  Ivy + Light 101  : Check it out on Facebook today!

Our New Series for Ivy + Light 101 : Check it out on Facebook today!


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