Herbesque - Natural Skin Care by Nicole Vliestra

From a young age, I've always had a love for making my own creations and a desire to share them with others. But not until I learned the craft of natural home and body care, did I truly fall in love. Creating things that everyone could use and enjoy, no matter your age, gender, or skin type. And that's where it began.

At my mom’s request, I started my journey and quest to make a natural candle- one she could burn with no worries, one that would be cleaner for the air. Through trail and error I created my Soy Candle Line. I was 15.

In the next couple years, my creations grew, as I researched ingredients and continual testing. I loved the things I made, and I loved creating them, and I love I know exactly what's in them! Being natural and "cutting chemicals" became a priority to me, as I was learning what fillers and also what harmful ingredients were in the leading store brands. I quickly learned that my customers were looking for the same thing- to cut chemicals, and lead a more natural, organic life. I decided this was it. This was me. This was what I wanted to do.

Through countless hours of research, education, studying, and testing, I now have a substantial line of all natural products- for your body, skin, and home. Our products lines here at Herbesque are all handcrafted, in small batches- to ensure quality. We strive to offer you the very best out there. We are always growing and making new products.

During this journey, I also became certified as a Clinical Aromatherapist, and I incorporate that knowledge and expertise into my therapeutic products.

I hope you consider trying our handmade goodness here at Herbesque. We pour our hearts into every bottle, jar, or tube we make! From ours....to yours.....<3

Lula May Design - Reiki Infused Crystal Jewelry by Erin Hollon

Naturally Inspired
Lula May Design is named after my great aunt and great grandmother and honors my Southern Heritage and wistful, adventurous childhood. I spent a lot of time outdoors hiking, fishing, camping and exploring. It was here that my imagination was ignited by an incredible natural landscape. Today, I’m based out of Brooklyn, NY where each day is a chance to live a balanced, holistic life in the biggest city in America. This challenge inspires me to create meaningful pieces to enhance the daily lives of others.

A Life of Purpose
Since collegeI have looked to natural medicine, alternative healing, and balanced living to improve my quality of life. After facing several debilitating health issues and learning how to heal my own body naturally, my true passion for helping others took on a laser beam focus: to help everyone understand how our emotions and spirit are connected to our health, and how crystals and essential oils can help us achieve true health and wellness. Through my jewelry design, it is my goal to help you embrace your true power. Once this power opens up, you will be able to create the life you desire and deserve!

A Powerful Process
My crystals are all sage cleansed and Reiki-infused for targeted energy. My wire-wrapping technique is based on a free flow method, allowing the stone to speak to me, much as a painter listens to his or her painting for guidance on each brush stroke.

Woman on a Mission
My mission is to help you realize you really CAN have the life you want: a life full of wellness, purpose and fulfillment. All it takes is openness to change and the proper tools and support, and you can create a life of upward motion and continuous transformation. A life where growing yourself means growing your business and your relationships and EVERYTHING ELSE!