Mercury Retrograde Necklace

Crystal Properties Card 3.JPG
Crystal Properties Card 3.JPG

Mercury Retrograde Necklace


The perfect necklace for support during Mercury Retrograde and Beyond!

Experience the power of Aquamarine as it brings clear communication and sense of peace and patience. Purple Fluorite enhances Clarity, especially when you need to keep creating during Mercury Retrograde. Black Tourmaline provides much needed grounding and protection from negativity. 

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Affirmation: I am clear on my goals. I am taking it slow and trusting the Universe along the way. 

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• Genuine Gemstone Beaded Pendant measures approx. 1.5 inch
• Sterling Silver, Copper or Brass wire wrap
• Sterling or Gold plated chain and lobster clasp
• Chain length 20 inches
• Your necklace will be uniquely wrapped, just for you!

Black Tourmaline:
• Heart-healing crystal, helping you to release past pain and to be open to giving and receiving love. 
• One of the most-used Protection and Grounding stones,
• Removes negative energy, releases tension and promotes a deep, peaceful sleep.

Purple Fluorite
• Helps you think beyond the "narrowness" that comes with fear and embrace a universe of possibilities
• Helps you focus on your goals and see their value to the world
• Heightens your intuition so you can trust yourself to know what is best for you, your loved ones, your business, etc. 

• Reduces stress and brings a feeling of Peace
• Brings closure and helps break bad habits
• Filters information entering the brain and provides clarity
• Wonderful stone for meditation and increasing Intuition
• One of my favorite throat chakra stones, especially for thyroid issues