Crystal Jewelry Cleansing and Re-Infusing

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cleanse and infuse sercvice.jpeg

Crystal Jewelry Cleansing and Re-Infusing

from 7.95

Reinvigorate the healing power of your Lula May Design pieces with this special cleansing + infusing service.


After purchasing this listing, email me at to coordinate mailing me your pieces. Please make sure to package well and include insurance with your shipping. To ship First Class with insurance should be less than $5 from within the U.S.

This Service includes:

• Sage Smudging to cleanse the crystals

• Detailed polishing to improve the luster of your piece

• Infusing an Intuited Affirmation into the crystals (or any specific Affirmation of your choice. Just let me know in your email.)

• You will receive an info card with your new Affirmation to keep and use as a reference.

• Cost includes Shipping 1 way. You will purchase shipping to send to me. I will take care of shipping, including insurance, on the return trip.


If you prefer to cleanse your own crystals at home, but would still love to get a vibrational boost, I can do a distance Reiki-infusing with an intuited Affirmation, or an affirmation of your choice. (Please note your preference, as well as what crystals are in your piece, in the notes at checkout.)

*Please Note: If you wish to have any minor repairs or adjustments made during the cleansing service, please contact me beforehand to determine if there will be any extra charge.

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