1 Hour Follow-Up Sessions

Ongoing Coaching Sessions 1 hour.png
Ongoing Coaching Sessions 1 hour.png

1 Hour Follow-Up Sessions


Think of me as your cool, but slightly strict piano teacher. Or that one professor who was so awesome that you had extra motivation to finish your homework every week just to make sure she was proud of you. 

I'll be there to help keep you accountable and check your progress to help you maintain determination and efficiency. 

I'll also be here to help you work through disappointments or obstacles that come up along the way. Whatever we need to do, however creatively we need to problem-solve, we are going to figure this out and make it happen for you!


1 Hour Follow-Up Coaching Sessions

• We will create together a simple plan for overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.

• This Coaching Session will take place via Facebook Messenger Voice Call or Video Call. If you do not have access to Facebook, please let me know, and we can set up a Skype session.

• We can meet as frequently as you need to check-in and continue to move Onwards and Upwards towards achieving your goals. (There is also an option for purchasing 4 sessions/month at a discounted rate.)

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How to set up a Coaching Session with Erin:

1. Complete your purchase.

2. Check your email for your download, which includes the link to your pre-session questionnaire.  

3. Schedule your appointment by clicking the link at the bottom of the questionnaire.

*(I am available for session Monday-Thursday. I can also schedule sessions on Friday/Saturday by special request, so please reach out at erin@ivyandlight.com if you need a weekend appointment. Thanks!)