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Crystal Grid Workshop + Ceremony

Crystal Grid Workshop.png

So excited to announce our Special Event for October!

Our Reiki / Crystal Healing Mentor Tracy Kelly from Lotus Heart Crystals & Healing will be leading us in a Crystal Grid Workshop and Ceremony on October 8th.

This is the evening of the New Moon, which is the perfect time for setting intentions and creating a crystal grid to support and boost your Manifestation. In the workshop you’ll learn

•How and Why grids work so well for Manifesting

•Tools for creating a grid, and what they are each for

•Setting up your grid

•Creating an energetic protective field around your grid

•Setting your Intention

•Connecting the crystals

•When to charge your grid with energy

•Other helpful tips and info for creating grids for various goals and desires!

Your Abundance Grid Kit comes with everything you’ll need to participate in the workshop, including the grid itself, the grid crystals and generator crystal, list of crystal properties for future reference, and of course, access to the workshop event and replay.

**Purchasing this Special Edition Kit saves you $10 off the regular cost of materials, as well as giving you access to the LIVE workshop and replay. There are a LIMITED number of kits available, so please purchase as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!

Grab your Kit today:

Earlier Event: October 1
October Focus: Life Balance