The TRUTH about what happens after you quit your DETOX!

In this recent video I share the truth about what happens when you go back to eating “normal” food after a detox.


So our Detox has been over for a few weeks, and my stomach has blown up like a balloon!!


Because I ate a bunch of sugar and grains last weekend. So I created this video to help you understand that the post-detox process is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the 21 days of actual Detoxing. Once you start adding back in different types of foods, it's really key to track how they affect your body and how they make you feel.

This knowledge gives you the power to adjust your eating habits so you avoid the foods that bother you most, but you still get to enjoy some of the yummy "cheat" foods that don't have such a huge effect on your digestive system.

Remember Knowledge is Power. Now go forth and live a healthier, happier life!!

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