Meditation : Myths and Misconceptions

Before I started meditating, I had a lot of preconceived notions and misconceptions about what the whole meditation-thing was about. I bet you've been there to. Hearing about all these great benefits, but being hesitant to try (or to keep trying after a couple "meh" attempts).

Here are 5 MYTHS of Meditation.

5 Myths of Meditation

1. I'm bad at meditation if I can't quiet my mind. 
Actually, it's totally natural for your mind to wander. That means it's functioning properly. In fact, you may never get a 100% silent experience, and that's not actually the point!

2. There is 1 correct way to meditate. 
Check out this video with 33 different types of meditation! See how many different ways there are to meditate? There's no need to find the perfect method or do it just the right way. This is a beautiful journey with many paths, and you can walk down as many as you like.

3. Meditation is uncomfortable. 
Whether it's sitting with a rigid back, pushing down errant thoughts, or ascribing to certain religious beliefs, there are so many misconceptions that make us think Meditation is "uncomfortable." I've got great news for you: You can sit in whatever position makes you comfortable. It's ok for those thoughts to pop into your head. And you don't have to change your beliefs AT ALL. Phew! Right?!

4. I don't have time. 
I'm calling bull on this one, not just because I know you found time to scroll social media yesterday. It is amazing the amount of extra work I get accomplished on days when I meditate vs. days when I don't. In fact, that's one of the main reasons why I started meditating 20 minutes a day at the beginning of this year. I knew it was my most proven time-management technique, so how could I afford NOT to meditate?!

5. Meditation will solve all my problems. 
Boy wouldn't this be nice! But we have so many different inner and outer influences in our daily life that one practice can't possibly make all our problems disappear. With that said, supporting overall wellness, increasing patience and peace, and improving concentration will help you in a TON of areas and bring you benefits that it will be impossible to ignore. YAY!

****Share with us in the comments if any of these resonate with you, or if you had some misconceptions you discovered along your own Meditation Journey. 


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