Vibrational Healing Techniques using Crystals and Essential Oils

Today I'd like to share a little of what we've been learning in Onward & Upward, our Community Learning Group on Facebook. In the month of March we focused on Physical Health and it's relationship to Vibration. This is one of my favorite topics, and there is so much depth to it that I can only share a sliver here.... but if this piques your interest we'd love to have you join us next month for our focus on Balancing Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Let's start with Vibrations


Vibrations are just the oscillation of an object or electromagnetic wave. The oscillations have a frequency, or rate of repetition, as well as varying degrees of energy based on the amplitude. 

 Put a little more simply... everything is vibrating all the time. Those vibrations are higher or lower speeds (frequency) and louder or softer (amplitude).

When two vibrations, or waves, come in contact, they interact based on the stability of frequency and strength of amplitude. The "stronger" and "steadier" wave will "win," causing the other wave to get into sync. This allows for as little loss of energy as possible between the two waves. When they join, the combine energy and the amplitude increases.

As humans, we have thousands of frequencies going on in our bodies. Each organ has an optimal frequency range. And even all the way down to the little microbes in our gut and the synapses in our brain.... everything is always in motion. 

We are not very stable within our vibrations though. The mix of elements within us and the many vibrations in our surroundings are interacting and adjusting to each other, with the "stronger" vibration always bringing the weaker vibration into sync. 

Now that we have the scientific groundwork laid, we can talk about the fun part: Healing the Physical Body through Vibration!

My preferred methods for Vibrational Healing involve Crystals and Essential Oils because these vibrations are much purer and stronger than our own symphony of wavering vibrations within our bodies. 


 A crystal structure is composed of a set of atoms arranged in a particular way; which is periodically repeated in three dimensions on a lattice. In common language, crystalline structure is incredibly organized and strong, creating a very pure vibration. 

When a crystal comes into contact with out bodies, the purity of the crystal vibration causes the less stable vibrations within our bodies to adjust to match the crystal's frequency. The beauty of this is that we can pair a crystal with a specific body system or chakra and help realign that area to it's optimal frequency, creating an improvement in the health and function of our body. 

Essential Oils

 The amazing power of Essential Oils is largely due to how tiny they are (see what I did there? ;)

A drop of essential oil contains 40 million trillion molecules, each of which is less than 300 amu's (atomic mass units) in weight. Because they are so incredibly tiny, they can pass through out skin, into our blood, through our internal tissues and into individual cells. Essential Oil molecules can even pass through the blood brain barrier, which is an amazing benefit that deserves its own entire blog post. 

What this means in terms of frequency is that essential oils can go throughout your entire body within a matter of minutes and bring their vibrations to every single cell, helping those cells return to their optimal frequency.

One of the benefits of using Young Living Essential Oils is that they are the only EO company that actually uses vibrational techniques throughout the growing process to ensure that the plants, and therefore their molecules, are at the most desirable frequency before the oil is extracted.

There is a great video on this by Jen O'Sullivan, if you'd like to learn more (watch the whole thing, or skip to minute 11:00 to get straight to the part on frequency).

Just like crystals, each oil has a different frequency and will therefore interact differently within the body and harmonize with different cells and body systems. Here is a simple chart on which crystals and oils work best with which body systems. I've divided the systems up using the Chakras for easy delineation.

If you'd like to know more about chakras, body systems, and vibrational healing, definitely join us in Onward and Upward. You can re-watch all of this month's sessions in the Archive System and get ready to learn even more in October as we learn to balance all 3 aspects of life!