3 Top Tips for Living your Best Life - with Kimmi Stephan

I am constantly inspired by seeing others around me take brave and powerful steps towards creating a life they adore. Seeing their determination fuels my own! So I want to share the strength and wisdom of these ordinary, yet amazing people with you. And the first person who leapt to mind was Kimmi (check out her IG @killinitkimmi)

This girl inspires me every single day. I love watching her stretch herself to new heights and pursue her dreams with passion and determination. It’s such an honor to have her share her wisdom with us today!

Tips for Living your Best Life

A bit about Kimmi

Kimmi is a dear friend of mine. She’s also a group fitness instructor living in Brooklyn, NY. She found her love for group fitness through a format called POUND that allows participants to channel their inner rockstar as they get a killer workout. When not working out, she can be found balancing between exploring New York City and hanging out on her couch reading and watching whatever looks good on Hulu.

Today I want to share with you her Top 3 Tips to living your best life.

1. Every morning, I find at least 5 things to be thankful for. Some days, I struggle because of whatever I’m going through. Those days, though, I notice that my whole attitude changes just by saying in my head, “I’m thankful that I woke up this morning. I’m thankful that I had to a bed to sleep in…” and so on. Finding the smallest things to be thankful for has helped me be happier even in the worst situations.

2. I am always looking for ways to laugh and enjoy myself. Wearing whimsical cat shoes, joking around at work, or trying a class that might make me feel silly are all simple ways I try to keep myself smiling throughout my day. Even when I know I might look stupid or it might embarrassing, by finding ways to have fun, I can help others keep a smile on as well!

3. Movement has become an incredibly important part of my life. Even if it’s taking five minutes to stretch during my Netflix binges, moving just a little bit helps me keep a clearer mind and allows me to release emotions in a positive way. I am so lucky to be able to move my body at all and I took that for granted for so many years. Additionally, helping others find movement that they love and getting them to see how they can feel good in their bodies has given me a purpose I didn’t know I was missing."

Thank you Kimmi for sharing these simple, powerful tips!

Which one speaks to you most? Let us know in the comments!