Setting Intentions with New Moon Energy

In our modern times, most of us live by our calendars, making plans and setting goals based on the beginning of a month or a quarter of the year. In the past, our ancestors were much more in tune with the natural cycles of the year, using them to know when to plant and harvest, when to prepare for changes in season and weather, how to navigate the seas and the wilderness, etc.

One very natural way of staying in rhythm with nature and it’s powerful energy is through the Moon Cycles. The moon goes through 8 phases throughout it’s transit, and it takes about 29.5 days to complete one cycle of phases (from new Moon to the next new Moon)


Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the new moon:

In astronomy, the new moon is the first lunar phase, when the Moon and Sun have the same ecliptic longitude. At this phase, the lunar disk is not visible to the unaided eye, except when silhouetted during a solar eclipse. Daylight outshines the earthlight that dimly illuminates the dark side of the new Moon.

The new moon is a symbol of fresh starts and new beginnings. In the past, the new moon was a time for planting seeds. We can utilize the same practice in our modern lives by using the new moon as a time for setting intentions, and therefore planting the seeds that will become manifested goals.

Now let’s get right down to it…. How do you Set Intentions utilizing this New Moon Energy?

The New Moon is your opportunity to hit reset. No matter what happened in the past weeks, this is your time to start fresh and look forward to your future manifestations.

  1. Get super clear on what you want to manifest. This doesn’t just mean things. I recommend starting with the feeling you desire to achieve. After all, it is really the feeling that we want, not just the thing. We have physical desires BECAUSE of the emotional and spiritual results we subconsciously expect them to bring.

    You may want to brainstorm on paper or sit quietly in meditation. Once you have a list of 1-3 emotions, you can move on to the next phase.

  2. Hypothesize a result. Now you get to move on to the physical result you want to manifest. These are the things that you connect with the feelings you want to create. Freedom might be associated with “getting out of debt.” Love and Connection might be associated with “finding a wonderful romantic partner.” You get the idea. Write down the physical results you want to work toward during this lunar cycle.

  3. Set your Intention. When we manifest we are working with Universal Energy. We can ask for what we want and trust that the Universe will provide. At the same time, we DO need to move in the direction of our desires. We want our energy moving toward what we want so that it can flow more easily into our life. So now that you know what you want, it’s time to decide what you intend to do as your part of the bargain. What are some steps that you can take that will help you to feel the feeling you desire?

    For the Financial Freedom example, you could write a financial budget to get the feeling of being free from the chaos of not knowing where your money is going.

  4. Take Action! This step is simple. Just start putting into practice the Intentions you set during the New Moon. It’s good to start taking action within 48 hours of the New Moon while that energy is at its highest.

  5. Review. It’s important to review how things are going. A great time for this is at the full moon and at the end of the lunar phase, before the next moon. During the full moon, you can release any resistance or negativity you feel around the subject of your manifestation. At the end of the cycle, look for all the ways that you received your manifestation. Remember that your ultimate goal is the FEELING. You may not have received exactly the physical thing you hypothesized about, but check in on how you’re feeling on this subject. Are you feeling more financially free? Can you see a path forward where you couldn’t see one before? etc.

    As you set your intentions for the next new moon, remember what you learned during this cycle. The next thing we can do is learn and grow with each new step we take. The more you use this process the more aligned you become with its energy. Like all things in life, practice makes better and better and better!

Want a way to organize your Intention Setting, Manifesting, and Releasing?

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