3 Morning Routines to Improve Digestion FAST!

Digestive Support Routines.png

Recently I’ve been sharing a lot about digestive support and liver/gallbladder health. There’s a really good reason for this. We can’t always control our diets as well as we’d like, but we can always do something to support our overall health.

For example, this month my partner Allan and I are traveling through the Southern U.S. getting inspiration for his new YouTube Cooking Channel. As we eat all these fried, salty, and sugary foods down here, my digestive system is taking a massive hit that it’s definitely not used to.

So it has become that much more important to make sure I’m doing everything I can to support my body and help it process these foods and detox as much as possible along the way.

Today I want to share with you 3 simple routines you can do each morning to help you support your digestion too!

  1. Take a high quality Probiotic first thing in the morning.

    Probiotics are your first line of defense for digestive health. In this video I share the 3 main reason why you should be taking a Probiotic every single day + how I chose the specific one I use today.

2. Follow it up with a Lemon + ACV shot.

Getting your digestion going in the morning is crucial for processing all the calories, vitamins, minerals, etc. that you take in each day. Learn how to make a super simple shot that takes less than 3 minutes and makes a HUGE difference in how you feel all day long!

3. Wash it down with refreshing Ginger Tea

If you aren’t a tea drinker, now might just be the time to start! Blend your favorite edible herbs + ginger into a refreshing, detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory beverage to drink hot or cold. Add tea leaves or leave them out, it’s totally up to you. In this video I share the blend I’ve been using and just how easy it is to make!

Do you have favorite routines to support your digestion? Share them with us in the comments!