Boost your Manifesting Power! How to use a Daily Manifesting Journal

Increase your Manifesting Power with our Daily Manifesting Journal!

Revolutionize the way you approach your goals, one day at a time. Download our Manifesting Journal by becoming a Patreon Member ( or purchasing here.

About the Journal:

•17 page downloadable file

•Answer the questions in the Beginning Assessment to gain focus and clarity on your goals

•Write out your Manifesting Affirmation and pin it to your wall for daily inspiration

•Discover which shifts you can make to your Energy, Effort, and Environment to increase your Manifesting Power

•Stay organized and efficient as you track both Primary and Secondary goals

•Increase Intentionality with daily Gratitude Journal entries

•Use the Weekly Recap for reflecting on your accomplishments and recognizing your room for growth.

•Gain all possible insight with a detailed Monthly Recap

•"Let it Go" each month so you can start fresh