Precious Gemstones, Healing Properties and Crystal Cousins

If y’all remember from my Crystals 101 video “Crystals vs. Gemstones” the difference between the two is that gemstones have a perceived value because of their beauty and suitability for jewelry making.

The Precious Gemstones are

• Diamond
• Ruby
• Sapphire
• Emerald

All other gemstones are considered “semi-precious.” For example rose quartz, onyx, jade, etc. The “semi”ness, of course just means that they are less rare and less expensive. They are all equally viable as healing crystals.

Today let’s have some fun and look at the properties of what I like to think of as the “Fancy” crystals and then let’s see who are their closest crystal cousins 

Healing Properties of Precious Gems.jpg


  • Symbolizes wholeness, purity and clarity

  • Thought to strengthen the bonds of matrimony

  • Amplifies all energy within its vicinity (both positive and negative

  • Brings strength and fortitude

Diamonds are often substituted with Danburite, although a closer “healing properties” substitute might be Clear Quartz.


  • Stimulates the third eye and crown chakras and aligns the heart to these higher vibrations

  • Creates a smooth path in life

  • Increases meditative state and inner guidance


  • Increases energy and passion for life

  • Transmutes suffering into wisdom and compassion

  • Brings up negative energy for release and transmutation

  • Protects from psychic attack

  • Heals the heart chakra

It’s Crystal Cousin is Garnet:

Garnet  helps you find your Soul Mate

Garnet helps you find your Soul Mate


  • Enhances Faithfulness in Love

  • Increases Self-Confidence and Hope in all situations

  • Allows you to release old negative energy and behaviors

  • Heals the Heart and Sacral Chakras


  • Helps you gain Wisdom 

  • Calms the mind

  • Brings energies into balance

  • Facilitates self-expression

It’s Crystal Cousin is Iolite:


  • Activates the third eye chakra

  • Recharges the Aura

  • Helps you express your true self

*Amethyst is also commonly substituted for Sapphire in healing work.

Faith, Hope, and Love Necklace  featuring both Emerald and Garnet

Faith, Hope, and Love Necklace featuring both Emerald and Garnet


  • Inspires mental clarity and a deep inner knowing

  • Promotes, wisdom, truth, honesty, and eloquence

  • Stone of Loyal Love and Friendship

  • Healing for the Heart and Throat Chakras

It’s Crystal Cousin is Green Tourmaline:


  • Promotes Patience and Compassion

  • Relieves anxiety and promotes pleasant sleep

  • Heals the heart and opens receptivity to love

  • Attracts Abundance and Prosperity

*Another great substitute for Emerald is Peridot.

QUESTION: Which of these crystals has your heart now?!  Share your new crush in the comments!