Mercury Retrograde 2019 | THRIVE by Using the Power of Retrograde to your Advantage

While there is much debate over whether Retrograde is woo woo nonsense or an explainable phenomenon that effects our satellites and other atmospheric elements, there are some classic effects that are seen each time Mercury starts its "backwards" march.

Copy of Onward & Upward (2).png

These effects come mostly under the headings of Miscommunication and Delay and lead to advice like "Don't launch a new business idea right now," "Don't make that big decision" or "Wait to have that difficult conversation 'til later.”

This makes Mercury Retrograde sound totally scary. But just like any circumstance in life, there is no reason to only focus on the Negative.

Instead, let's focus on the opportunities presented by Mercury Retrograde to help us see out world with a fresh perspective and shake up our daily routine!