Daily Intention Setting | Build Confidence and Accomplish your Goals!


This month in Onward and Upward we're focused on Building Confidence. For me, one of the most important ways to boost my confidence in myself and my goals is to have a PLAN. 

Any other planners (or want-to-be planners) out there?! Raise you hands!

The problem with being a planner is that it often comes with a side of perfectionism. I can create the world's best To Do list, but that doesn't mean it will get finished by the end of the day.
Once I began really understanding the idea of '"Intentional Living" it completely changed the way I plan... and how often I succeed!

3 Steps to Intentional Living Each Day:

Download your  Daily Manifesting Journal  today!

Download your Daily Manifesting Journal today!

1. Start your Day with Gratitude. Write it down. Say it out loud. List as many things as you possibly can! The more you focus on all the wonderful things you have right now, the more wonderful things you attract into your life. 

2. Set an Intention for the Day. Keep it simple and powerful. Choose one or two super important goals for the day. Or better yet, choose an emotional/mental focus for your day. On days where I prioritize "Excitement in everything I do" I always seem to get the most done with the least exhaustion at the end of it all. 

3. Look Back. At the end of each day, check in and see how it went. If you are real with yourself on a daily basis, you can avoid beating yourself up at the end of the week for not accomplishing all your goals. This is also super helpful at gaining an understanding at what is truly possible to accomplish in one day. When you stop over planning, you start really accomplishing!

Do you follow a morning Intention-Setting routine? Share it with us in the comments! If you'd like a journal to help you start a daily routine, you can download my very own Daily Manifesting Journal when you join us on Patreon!