Essential Oils for Manifestation

We all have the ability to create our reality. In fact, we can't help but create it, with our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions.  When we learn to Manifest, we are really learning to be mindful and intentional about the energy we put out into the world so that we can know what energy to expect in return. 

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At first the idea of being responsible for our reality sounds amazing because it means that we can create anything we desire. Then we begin to realize we are also responsible for creating thing and situations that we don't desire. Now the full understanding of Manifestation is sinking in. It takes some time to accept that we are always creating our reality and we are always responsible for what we create. Once we accept this responsibility, though, we reach a new level of enjoyment with each moment of our day. We stop taking things for granted and we start enjoying our new level of consciousness that surrounds our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions, and the results they manifest. 

I've put together for you a list of some of my favorite Essential Oil Blends for Manifestation. These oils will help you see your full creative potential and release what's holding you back from creating the life you want. They'll support you as you trust your ability to intentionally create what you desire. You will be able to clearly envision what that creation will feel like, thus bringing it into reality much faster, and you'll be able to get out of the way and allow that manifestation of abundance to flow, without resistance, into your life. 


Essential Oils for Manifestation

Embrace your Highest Potential


Shift the way you see yourself. Rather than looking back at how you got here, it's time to look forward at all the opportunities you have for growing and creating your best life. Highest Potential blend is a beautiful combination of oils for letting go of what no longer works for you and embracing all of the possibilities that are right there at your fingertips. Think of this as Transformation Oil for your Highest Self. Not only do you see that you can change, but you see how that change can bring you ALL the way to your biggest dreams and goals!

  • Allows you to release anything holding you back from your highest potential
  • Helps you embrace possibility on an infinite level
  • Brings calmness and grounding during times of transition
  • Gives you energy and belief to make these important changes
  • Apply or diffuse every morning for a month and watch what happens!

[Blue cypress (cleansing/preservation), Ylang ylang (calming/balancing), Jasmine (enhances positive emotions), Cedarwood (grounding/calming), Geranium (heart-shows you what you love and what you need to let go of), Lavender (calming), Northern Lights Black spruce (prosperity), Frankincense (grounding, balancing), Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™ (grounding), White fir (anchoring/empowering), Vetiver, Cinnamon bark (solar energy), Davana (anxiety reduction support), Kaffir Lime (uplifting), Rose (feminine, love), Chamomile (soothing/relaxing), Blue tansy (feeling "at one"), Grapefruit (overcoming depression or addication), Tangerine (uplifting/sweetness), Spearmint (invigorating mind and body), Lemon (rejuvenation), Ocotea (purifying)]

Envision a brighter future

envision essential oil blend

Envision is perfect for anyone who struggles to believe that their time is NOW. You plan and plan and plan, but never really believe your dreams are going to come true. Well, let me tell you, This is your year! No more putting your dreams on hold. Grab your bottle of Envision and really embrace those Intentions, Resolutions, and Goals as though they are already here. It's time to make your Future Abundance part of your Present! Learn more here. 

  • Encourages renewed faith in the future
  • Enhances creativity and resourcefulness
  • Emotional fortitude to achieve goals and dreams
  • Awakens and renews inner drive
  • See yourself as a bigger and better version of yourself
  • Apply on the central line of your forehead from tip of nose to hairline (through the 3rd eye)

[spruce (height/ uprightness), sage (cleansing), lavender (calming), orange (joy/giving), geranium (heart-shows you what you like and don't like), rose (feminine/love)] 

Believe it's possible

Believe Essential Oil Blend

Once we have established the New Story we choose to live, we can settle into that new space and ground ourselves. The oils in Believe blend set up a direct line from our Grounding to the Heights of our Inspiration. We establish balance here and allow ourselves to truly release all of our Past Stories that no longer serve us in a positive and productive manner. 

  • Believe in what you do, your mission, your partner, etc.
  • Stabilizes emotions and brings a sense of wellbeing
  • Helps you feel health and happiness and strength more immediately
  • Apply before bed or diffuse while sleeping. Think positive thoughts as you fall asleep- try for just 7 days and you’ll see a definite difference.
  • You can also apply to chakra points or use in bath or as a moisturizer

[Idaho Balsam Fir (height), Idaho Blue Spruce (height), Coriander (spice), Rosewood (balance), Geranium (heart- shows you what you like and don’t like), Ylang Ylang (calming/ balancing), Bergamot (joy and depth of emotion)] 

Allow the flow of Abundance

Abundance Oil helps you focus on what you want in life and realize/let go of whatever no longer serves you in a positive and productive manner. Ginger is the main component here, a warming oil that reveals how the heart truly feels, without all the layers of peer-pressure, fear, stress, and self-criticism getting in the way. 

Abundance Essential Oil Blend

Let's take a look at all the amazing oils in this blend:

  • Ginger: Heart Clarity, Balances saving and spending money
  • Orange: Magnifies Peace and Joy
  • Frankincense and Patchouli: Grounding and Balancing, leading to appreciation of the here and now
  • Clove: Protection from physical, emotional, and spiritual attack
  • Cinnamon Bark: Solar/Positive Energy, Increased Vitality
  • Black Spruce: Increase in Attracting Prosperity and Releasing Negativity

Overall this amazing oil fortifies you with positive energy and helps you attract Abundance in all areas of life. I love recommending Abundance to my fellow Creative Entrepreneurs, but it also works for anyone who is ready to attract more positive in their life and willing to let go of anything holding them back from success!

Do you have a favorite Manifesting oil? 

If you have an essential oil that you especially love to use for Manifesting, I would love to hear about it! Share it with us in the comments below. If you decide to try one of these oils for your Manifesting work, give it at least 30 days of consistent, daily use. Then let me know how it went. I can't wait to hear what you Manifest!