How to Survive and Thrive during Mercury Retrograde

It's Mercury Retrograde again! For many people that means it's time to panic, curl up in a ball, and do nothing for the next three weeks. But that doesn't have to be you! Today I want to share some tips for making the most of Mercury Retrograde and using this opportunity to thrive in ways you never imagined!

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First, what is Mercury Retrograde?

Retrograde happens when one planet (in our case Earth) catches up to another planet (Mercury) and goes somewhat faster, making it look like the other planet is moving backwards. A simple example of this would be an express train passing a local train... and the local train looks like it's going backwards when it's really just going slower. This also happens in cars, on bikes, etc. Any time you are moving faster than the object you pass, that object goes into retrograde. 


So what does this mean for us here on Earth?

While there is much debate over whether Retrograde is woo woo nonsense or an explainable phenomenon that effects our satellites and other atmospheric elements, there are some classic effects that are seen each time Mercury starts its "backwards" march. These effects come mostly under the headings of Miscommunication and Delay and lead to advice like "Don't launch a new business idea right now," "Don't make that big decision" or "Wait to have that difficult conversation 'til later." 

This makes Mercury Retrograde sound totally scary. But just like any circumstance in life, there is no reason to only focus on the Negative. 

Let's look at all the Potential Positives of Mercury Retrograde. 

Here are 4 positive effect of Mercury Retrograde you can take advantage of over the next 3 weeks.

  1. Reconnecting with old friends and family
  2. Revising current projects and bringing them to completion
  3. Resurrecting old projects or passions and giving them a second chance for success
  4.  Rediscovering things that were lost. 

Let's look at each one in more depth...

1. Reconnecting

Have you been too busy to keep up with friends and family? Now is your opportunity to slow down and make time for these important relationships. While continuing to push forward on projects may cause frustration during Mercury Retrograde, pausing and enjoying some free time will reap lots of rewards, including reconnected relationships that may lead to more opportunities down the line. 

2. Revising

Are you stuck in a current project or goal, and you just can't seem to get it all the way to completion? Now you have time to look at all the variables, dig in, and get it finished in time to launch or celebrate right after Retrograde ends on April 15th. See this as some extra time to take a deep breath and stay open to inspiration + an opportunity to give yourself a firmer deadline so you stay on track. 

3. Resurrecting

Did you start a project that just never worked out the way you thought it would? Was the result less than the stellar success you wanted? Now is a good time to revisit and revise those old projects and plans. You are likely to find the errors or misjudgements that kept you from success. Tweaking and polishing will give you a second, better chance to make it work this time. [Note: this can also be any plan such as a health or diet plan. Now is the perfect moment to ask yourself why you were unable to stick to the plan. Those answers can lead to success this time around]

4. Rediscovering

Finding what is lost..... I saved this one for last because it has the most open potential throughout your life. When I say "lost" I don't just mean your car key or that sweater you couldn't find all winter. It could be

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde
  • Old $$ opportunities that slipped through your fingers. Now they just might pop up again!
  • Old Passion for a project or idea that got worn down over time. 

Ask yourself this question: "Have I gotten so bogged down with life that I can't even remember WHY I'm working so hard or WHAT I originally set out to accomplish?"

There's a good chance that your answer is YES! You DID get caught up in the day to day grind, and because of that you lost site of the joy that initially led you onto your path.

Now is your chance to

Stop. Drop. and Soul Search. 

Stop trying to drag yourself from step to step. Take just 15 minutes to really ask some deep questions. 

  • Why did I start this _____ (diet, project, business, relationship, etc.)?
  • Why do I feel resistant to forward progress in this area?
  • Where is this Fear coming from?
  • Where did my Confidence go?

While Mercury Retrograde isn't the best time for difficult conversations with others, it's the perfect time for an inner conversation with yourself. Dig down into the rubble and uncover your spirit and desire. Uncover what is blocking you from completing your goals. Realize that it's never too late to create a life you love!

Now is your chance to Reconnect, Revise, Redirect, and Rediscover. Use the power of Mercury Retrograde to help you take another look at life from a new perspective. You are going to be surprised and inspired by what you find!

My final thought 

I want to encourage you to take time to work through these questions. At the end of your discovery session, write down 1-3 intentions for the next 3 weeks of Mercury Retrograde. What are ways you can go with the flow and still get some amazing things accomplished?

I'd love to hear what you come up with! Share with us in the comments below.