Guided Meditation for Connecting with your Highest Self | Amethyst + Howlite

Thank you for joining me for another Guided Crystal Meditation! Today we will use the energy of Howlite and Amethyst to help you connect with your Highest Self.

Howlite and Amethyst are my personal favorite combination for achieving a higher state, receiving inspiration, and gaining wisdom for my life.

Whenever I use this combination I find it so much easier to access and connect with my Highest Self. In today’s meditation I will guide you through this connection process, so that you can access your Highest Self whenever you desire.

Settle into a comfortable position in a space where you can have several minutes of uninterrupted peace and quiet. You can hold your crystals, one in each hand. Or you may choose to lie down and place your Amethyst on your 3rd eye and your Howlite right above.

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