New Meditations on Insight Timer!

If you enjoy meditating as part of your regular wellness routine, then you’ve probably heard of Insight Timer, the #1 free app for meditation in the US.

I’m so excited to share that all of my guided meditations are now available on Insight Timer! You can download the app and search for Erin Hollon or just head over to to see all 5 meditations.

I’ve got more on the way, and I’d like to take time today to ask if you have any particular topics or styles of meditation you’d like me to create in the future. Leave your suggestions in the comments!

***Insight Timer is a FREE App that also offers a membership for access to teachings and trainings. All of my meditations are available for free. You are welcome to leave a donation, if you feel called to. Please share with others you feel will be helped by these meditations too!