Essential Oil Blends for Releasing Limiting Beliefs

In one of our LIVE sessions from Confidence Month, we focused on Releasing Limiting Beliefs. I also shared my two favorite Essential Oils to use when I do my own Releasing Ceremonies. 

Here are a few more details on why I love these oils so much, and what makes them perfect for Letting Go of the Old and Embracing the New. 


Release smells of the sweetness of childhood, innocence, and safety. It is perfect for those moments when we're struggling against letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us, and resisting our deeper, truer desire to embrace unknown of our potential personal growth. It's scary to let go, but diffusing Release blend can help ease your heart, mind, and emotions enough for you to see clearly the need to move on. 

RElease Essential Oil

[Ylang ylang (calming/ balancing), Olive Oil, Lavandin, Geranium (heart- shows you what you like and don’t like), Royal Hawaiian™ sandalwood (grounding), Grapefruit (overcoming depression or addiction), Tangerine (uplifting/ sweetness), Spearmint (invigroating mind and body), Lemon (rejuvenation), Blue cypress (cleansing/preservation) , Davana (anxiety reduction), Kaffir lime (uplifting), Ocotea (anxiety reduction support), Jasmine (self-confidence), Matricaria, Blue tansy (feeling "at one"), and Rose (femininity/ love)

  • Sense of Safety and Peace

  • Encourages Emotional Release

  • Lessens desire to hold onto the past

  • Eases Anxiety

  • Encourages hope for the Future


Once we have established the New Story we choose to live, we can settle into that new space and ground ourselves. The oils in this blend set up a direct line from our Grounding to the Heights of our Inspiration. We establish balance here and allow ourselves to truly release all of our Past Stories that no longer serve us in a positive and productive manner. 

Believe Essential Oil

[Idaho Balsam Fir (height), Idaho Blue Spruce (height), Coriander (spice), Rosewood (balance), Geranium (heart- shows you what you like and don’t like), Ylang Ylang (calming/ balancing), Bergamot (joy and depth of emotion)] 

  • Believe in what you do, your mission, your partner, etc.

  • Stabilizes emotions and brings a sense of wellbeing

  • Helps you feel health and happiness and strength more immediately

  • Apply before bed or diffuse while sleeping. Think positive thoughts as you fall asleep- try for just 7 days and you’ll see a definite difference.

  • You can also apply to chakra points or use in bath or as a moisturizer

Your Releasing Ceremony doesn’t have to be fancy or take a long time. The most important thing is that you sit quietly in a space that feels safe and sacred, and that you focus your attention on letting go of that which no longer works for you and embracing the beliefs and emotions you desire. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. You can also watch the entire workshop in our Archives section of our Membership Group.

**To learn more about using Essential Oils for releasing emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, check out our EO playlist on our YouTube page!