Welcome to Ivy + Light!

It is with much joy and humble pride that I write this first blog post. Ivy + Light has been many months in the making, and I've had to learn a lot about patience and faith along the way. 

Many of you came to know me through my jewelry brand Lula May Design, where I combine Reiki healing, crystal energy, and elegant design to create beautiful healing pieces to be worn for years to come.

As I began the journey to creating Ivy + Light, many of you asked me why I needed to do anything "bigger" than running my own jewelry business. To be honest I never felt I had a choice. Over the past couple years it has become more and more obvious to me that there are major opportunities within the world of Holistic Health, opportunities to change more lives and include more people into this growing movement. Yet I couldn't find anyone who was seeing these opportunities and taking them on. Finally one day I decided, "Why not me?! If I think there are is something that needs creating, why shouldn't I be the one to create it?"

So here we are! Ready to embark together on a new journey, or rather a new segment of the same wonderful journey we've travelled thus far. 

As I welcome you to our new Online Wellness Center, I want to share the beliefs that led to it's creation. 

  • We all have an inherent ability to heal naturally and the right to learn methods for healing ourselves and others. 
  • There is a necessary, inextricable connection between Science and Soul. Understanding this connection empowers us to work with nature for healing and personal growth. 
  • All humans have a right to accessible and affordable health and wellness. Our goal is to bring an  understanding of all healing methods to all people. 
  • There is great power in Unity and Community to help create a healthier and more loving society. As we grow together, we cannot help but impact the world around us!

Welcome to our community. We're so glad you're here! You can dive right in or learn more about us on our About page. If you have any questions, never hesitate to reach out to me at erin@ivyandlight.com.

Many Blessings,