What's in the archives?

Here's a look at some of our past focuses that you can access any time through the "Units" section of our Membership Facebook Group:

  • Physical Health

  • Healthy Emotions

  • 30 Day Meditation Challenge

  • Focus + Clarity

  • Self Care + Self Healing

  • Building Confidence

  • Manifestation


PLUS, you can access all our 101 Courses too!

  • The A-Z of Personal Growth and Transformation

  • Crystals 101

  • Essential Oils 101

  • Meditation 101

  • Thrivings during Mercury Retrograd

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quick look at all the other great membership benefits:

  • Affordable Monthly Membership, Less than 17 ¢ per day

  • Access to our members-only Facebook Group

  • Weekly LIVE coaching sessions with Erin Hollon

  • Daily posts for encouragement and inspiration

  • Guest appearances with our healing mentors for in-depth teaching on healing modalities

  • 24-hour community support. Become part of our family, and learn faster together!

  • Exclusive discounts of up to 15% OFF on purchases at ivyandlight.com


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